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Eversolar Inverter Monitoring with Linux

In November 2010 I have a 1.5kw solar power system installed by Nu Energy. It came with an Eversolar TL2000AS inverter and since it came with an RS-232 & RS-485 interface I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to monitor & graph it on my web server. I fired off an email to Nu Energy […]

Weather Station data logger

I recently bought a wireless Weather Station on eBay and wanted to hook it up to my web server which runs Linux. Google revealed a couple of free software options (one in C, the other in Python) and a couple of useful sites, in particular Jim Easterbrook’s and Michael Pendec’s. The Python package was overkill […]

Nagios check plugin for MythTV

Nagios is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring application that I use to monitor a couple of servers I have at home as well as a couple out on the Internet that I look after. One of my home servers is a Home Theatre PC running Linux and MythTV, and while Nagios checks […]

Reducing the AC3 bitrate of a video file

I recently tried unsuccessfully to watch an HD movie on my MythTV box, and while the video was fine the audio (Dolby Digital) kept dropping out. The CPU load on my server was pretty low so this wasn’t the problem and I tried copying the file to the server itself rather than accessing it via […]

Rainwater tank level monitoring with Linux

I’ve had a rainwater tank for a couple of years and because it’s located beside my garage where one of my Linux servers is I’ve always thought it would be cool to be able to graph the water level and display it on a web page. I’ve looked into it a few times but couldn’t […]